Advent Devotionals with Ed Gabrielsen, Assistant Pastor

During this Advent season, please join me online for weekly morning devotionals.
Beginning next Tuesday morning, December 1st, at 9:00AM we will meet on Zoom for a 30 - minute devotional.
We will light the Advent candles, have an Advent scripture reading, some  inspiring words, and we will pray together. Let us celebrate the season of Advent together with
scripture and prayer!
If you would like be on the email list for the Advent
Devotionals, please contact me or Sam in the church office.

GK Chesterton: Orthodoxy and What Is Essential
Pastor Seth Jones
This week we are on Chapter 5: The Flag of the World

Join Pastor Seth for a study of the book Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton! We will try to find out what is essential for our faith. 
Call Pastor Seth at 207-594-5317 or email him at for more info!